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IELTS score is a prerequisite to those students who want to pursue their dream of higher studying abroad. A high score in IELTS enables better scholarship opportunities. To immigrate, work and training purposes in English speaking countries, IELTS is also required. A valid score ensures VISA acceptance.

Test Format

Infographic showing IELTS test format with sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, plus their durations and question counts.

Reasons why you should join our course

  1. Awarded as a premium test venue by British Council
  2. Experienced instructors with valid IELTS Scores
  3. Classes conducted in the IELTS Exam hall room
  4. Mock tests conducted in the IELTS Exam hall room
  5. Official test experience
  6. Mock result published in quick time
  7. Exclusive strategies for all modules
  8. After class extra support
  9. Interactive classes
  10. Helpful and amicable environment
  11. Tailored courses
  12. Flexible class timings
  13. Private study group
  14. Free speaking club
IELTS Listening test, Exam Paper and Earphone

Offering top-notch education facility
by the best instructors

At Luminedge, we take pride in having an exceptional team of instructors who are passionate about imparting knowledge and empowering our students to achieve higher scores. Our esteemed instructors bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the organization.


Our instructors have a high valid score and constantly develop their skills by frequently attending the official tests. They help the students with utmost care and cooperation where each and every student goes through critical and constant supervision. All our instructors have British Council certification. We also have Cambridge CELTA certified IELTS Instructors.

Feedback: IELTS Instructor Course, Feedback for Instructor for IELTS Exam
Feedback: IELTS Instructor Course, Luminedge Bangladesh Dhanmondi Dhaka, Office
IELTS Instructor Feedback for examiner, Luminedge Bangladesh Office, Best IELTS Course in Dhaka
Feedback: IELTS Instructor Course, Luminedge Bangladesh Office
Feedback: IELTS Instructor Course, Luminedge Bangladesh Office

Choose Luminedge as your IELTS companion

IELTS Premium Course

  • Course duration- 2 months
  • Total classes- 24
  • Classes each week- 3
  • Mock Test- 5
  • Free course Repetition

IELTS Crash Course

  • Course duration- 1 month
  • Total classes- 24
  • Classes each week- 5
  • Mock Test- 3

IELTS Intense Course

  • Course duration- 7 days
  • Total classes- 5
  • Mock Test- 1
* Campus, online and 1-on-1 classes available.

Mock Test Packages

We have paper-based and computer-delivered mock tests.
  • Flexible mock test schedule
  • Real exam experience
  • Official test standard question
  • Result published in quick time
  • Detailed mock feedback
  • Wireless headphones
No. of Mock Test Fee
1 Mock Test Fee
BDT 1,550
3 Mock Test Fee
BDT 3,000
5 Mock Test Fee
BDT 4,500
Join Basic English Course- develop your English language skills

Single course to enhance your language skills

  • Course duration- 1-3 month(s)
  • Total classes- (up to) 72
  • Classes each week- 6
  • Every week progress test
Luminedge has been recognized as a PREMIUM VENUE by the British Council

Premium Venue Award

British Council Awarded Luminedge as a Premium Venue in Bangladesh, Luminedge Bangladesh CEO Received the awarded

Facility Images

Luminedge Bangladesh 11 Team Member, British Council IELTS Exam Day
Luminedge Bangladesh

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